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Conotoxia Ltd., one of the companies in the Conotoxia Holding Group, is looking for an employee to the office in Warsaw:

Sales Associate

(Polish speakers)

Main responsibilities:

  • drive sales for the company’s retail products and services for FX and CFD's,
  • build and maintain relationships with prospective and existing clients,
  • use an intelligent soft sales approach to communicate the benefits of the company’s, products and services, our trading platform and the FX markets to prospective and existing clients,
  • have a clear understanding of what needs, requests, products, resources and tools are required from the region. have an understanding of the obstacles that we face in the region and solutions,
  • thrive to achieve team and individual metrics, quarterly conversion rate, account numbers and equity benchmarks,
  • go beyond "customer service." skillfully probe for, listen, and understand client needs to provide resources and solutions to improve clients' trading experience and results,
  • consistently take initiative to learn and stay current about the markets, FX industry and new platforms and products, services and educational resources.

Main requirements:

  • degree in finance, management or any other relevant field,
  • at least one year of experience in the Forex industry,
  • strong or demonstrable sales or customer service experience is a plus,
  • strong verbal and written skills in english is a must,
  • additional languages will be considered as an advantage,
  • passion for FX markets including being able to understand/interpret and communicate in layman's terms, certain market jargon and trading ideas from analysis,
  • excellent MS Office skills, especially Excel.

What we offer:

  • remuneration package based on experience, skills and performance,
  • fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • company’s event,
  • career development,
  • be part of a dynamic and creative team with positive and friendly atmosphere.
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Cooperating with other developers to deliver properly working code is one aspect of this role. Learn about work organization, agile methodologies and software development. You will notice how crucial fundamental teamwork and other soft skills are. With the latest versions of languages, technologies and tools, you will develop back-end and front-end products. Of course, before you join us, we will try to tailor your skills and interests to the appropriate team.
The key skill we are looking for is the ability to program in one of our programming languages (e.g. Java, PHP, C#, Kotlin, JavaScript). Knowledge of particular frameworks and development tools are highly appreciated. If you can create visually accessible websites and services, it will earn you extra points. We value care for the quality of code through the implementation of good programming practices, such as using design patterns, testing the code or compliance with rules that affect the security of apps.
#programming, #front-end/back-end, #scrum
Are you observant? Do you notice errors and have a good eye for detail? One of the key responsibilities of this role is finding bugs in our apps and services. We hope that you will spot the minor errors and stop customers from having access to something that could be better. Additionally, programmers will benefit from your knowledge and help with constantly improving the quality of their work. You will conduct audits, draw conclusions and influence the standards in the design and production of applications.
Analytical skills, broad interests and a tendency to nitpick will be your strengths. In addition, it will be useful to know the basics of programming, test types and tools supporting software testing and bug reporting.
#tests, #GIT, #observance
Do you want to take part in the development of apps dedicated to mobile platforms (Android, iOS), car platforms (e.g. Android Auto), as well as stationary ones (Android TV)? Gaining practical experience in designing apps and developing them with new functionalities is a key part of this role. You will discover how important cooperation and other soft skills are for a programming team. The effects of your work will be visible to everyone who uses our solutions.
Like any other team, the basic competence here is the ability to program in one of the languages we use (preferably Swift, Kotlin, Dart, although other languages may also be the basis of your work). In mobile teams, in particular, we value a passion for learning unknown technologies. Talent to design interfaces and visual effects will be your additional strengths! We also value the final quality of the app (efficiency, safety and ease of use).
#programming, #mobile, #high-tech
Does developing digital products in a way that makes them as useful and friendly to our customers as possible sound interesting? In this team, you will design interfaces, interactions and layouts of information architecture. You can also test your skills in researching new trends and best market practices for products and services. A part of your responsibilities includes testing and user research. In the end, it is the user who decides whether a product is good and how usable it is.
To begin a career in UX, you will need a whole array of interests - from design, graphic design to social and psychological analysis. We seek people interested in the world of modern services based on technology, devices (including mobile devices), usability, accessibility and psychological aspects of customer behaviour.
#design, #usability, #research
Join the team that runs the company’s promotional campaigns. You will develop your interests in digital marketing as well as create online campaigns and carry out SEO tasks. There are also opportunities to help come up with campaign ideas, storyboards or write posts and graphic design concepts, e.g. for social media.
On the one hand, marketing is a department that looks for specific skills and on the other, it values interdisciplinarity and broad horizons. It is definitely worth being up to date with current trends, events and whatever happens in the advertising world. We value creativity, knowledge of the latest trends (e.g. online marketing), analytical skills and experience with tools, such as Google Analytics. Communication skills are always important.
#creativity, #communication, #digital
Two interlinked teams make up this remarkable department. The first one extracts, archives and takes care of safe data processing. The other analyzes them and verifies the hypotheses. This department deals with the detection of regularities in a sequence of characters and numbers. Moreover, it builds machine learning algorithms, and the drawn conclusions are the basis for making business decisions of the company.
The data engineer will need programming skills in languages such as Java Python and Scala, knowledge of Linux (bash), SQL and other technologies and tools related to Big Data. From analysts we expect knowledge of statistics, handling programs for data analysis and visualization, as well as knowledge of R and Python environments (Pandas, scikit-learn, Jupyter). It is also important to be able to combine facts and analytical skills. As with any technical position, the ability to understand technical documentation - which is often written in English - is essential.
#programming, #analyzing, #visualisation
Keeping up to date with the latest developments in products and technologies - especially in the financial market is essential. The information you obtain from your research and your own ideas will influence the further development of mobile and web products. You will recommend actions and solutions for development, graphics and UX teams.
The best people for this job will be those who are strongly interested in technological and product advancements from the financial world. A role for those who do not have a problem with continuous reading, acquiring information and presenting it to decision-makers. You will definitely need to know the leading information sources in the industry, have a "technological" sixth sense and speak English fluently.
#innovations, #products, #English
Supporting the Sales Department will be your main focus. Your initial responsibilities will include observing and analysing trends in the financial services and payment services markets, as well as monitoring the actions of other financial players. On this basis, you will need to create reports that will help you plan new business activities. We will give you the opportunity to check yourself in direct contact with business customers by providing opportunities to meet your customers at sales events and fairs and in the long term.
If you are interested in economics, the financial services market and have analytical skills, then it is an excellent offer for you. Communication skills will be useful in direct contact with customers (also in English). However, the most important thing we are looking for is a natural ability to establish and build relationships.
#sales, #customercare, #marketanalysis
Building and maintaining the positive image of the company and influencing our customers' satisfaction are all part of this role. By using your phone, email and live chat, you will help portal users. You will answer their questions and tell them about our services. Informing them about new functionalities and guiding them through the registration processes are some of the things you will be responsible for. Don't worry if you don't like the pressure of making a sale - our Customer Care Department is service-oriented. If you prefer taking an active approach to attract customers, a better choice will be the Sales Department.
Working in this department requires fluency of at least one foreign language, preferably English. Communicativeness and the ability to empathise with the customer's situation are also key characteristics that we are looking for. The ability to write linguistically accurate texts will be crucial. Working hours in this department take place in shifts. This is a great opportunity for you to combine learning with professional duties.
#foreignlanguage, #LiveChat, #solvingproblems